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John Noble to Play ‘Legends of Tomorrow’s’ Season Three Villain

In Legends of Tomorrow’s season three premiere Rip hinted that a greater evil was coming and the Time Bureau would need the Legends to fight it. He called it Mallus.

TV vet and fan favorite John Noble has been tapped to play the big bad. He will make his first appearance in the fifth episode, though don’t expect to see Noble, as for the time being he will just be the voice of a mysterious whisper.


Nick Zano, Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh and Dominic Purcell in Legends of Tomorrow. Source: ScreenCrush

“That’s the big mythology of the season,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim told “What makes Mallus cool at this stage of everyone’s viewing experience is that right now he is just a name and is this whisper.”

As it turns out Mallus is dead, though characters don’t always stay dead in the Arrowverse.

Season three of Legends has revolved around the Waverider crew fixing anachronisms in time. Apparently, interacting with themselves in the season two finale broke time.

Noble’s ability to effortlessly go from charming to menacing is well-known from his work on Fringe and Sleepy Hollow.

What do you think of John Noble as Legends of Tomorrow’s big bad?

Source: CBR

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