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‘Nightwing’ Casting Hasn’t Started, According to Director Chris McKay

Ever since Warner Bros. announced that we were getting a Nightwing film for the DCEU, we’ve been on edge to find out who’s gonna play the iconic, the unique, the astonishing Richard ‘Dick’ Grayson.

So far, names like Zac Efron, Dacre Montgomery, Robbie Amell, Dev Patel, Steven Yeun, Garret Hedlund, Keith Stanfield, Dylan O’Brien, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and more have been teased -more like they post stuff on their social media and freak people out- to play Bruce Wayne’s first son.

However, Chris McKay –LEGO Batman and Nightwing‘s director- has clarified that pre-production and casting choices haven’t begun, but when they do, we’ll hear about it, as “their search will be far and wide”.

Those who are fans of Dick Grayson and comics, know that Nightwing is an expert aerialist and someone who’s comfortable with various forms of martial arts, so whoever is chosen to portray him in a live-action film will have to be able to exhibit the same level of skill that the superhero has in the comics, as well as respect his Romani origin -because for the past 10 years he’s been canonically Romani– .

But while there’s not an exact date on when will this casting happens, McKay is confident that somewhere along 2018 we will have our Nightwing.

So far, we know that Nightwing will have nods to Grayson’s past as well as a connection to Ben Affleck’s Batman in his solo movie The Batman -directed by Matt Reeves- but that’s about it. For more, we just have to be patient.

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Source: Chris McKay

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