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Marvel Studios Passes $5 Billion at Domestic Box Office

The Hulk sized $122 million opening weekend of Thor: Ragnarok has pushed Marvel Studios’ domestic box office past $5 billion.

While this is a huge number, it’s not really a surprise when the constant success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films is taken into consideration.

Iron Man was the first film in the franchise in 2008 and its $318 million still puts it at the eighth highest movie on the list. The highest grossing film domestically is The Avengers with $623 million.

black-panther-royal-family crop

The cast of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, which hits theaters February 16, 2018. Source: Entertainment Weekly

Right now Ragnarok is 17th on the list, however, if its popularity continues it should have no trouble making its way up to the 11th, possibly tenth spot.

Worldwide the MCU has grossed a monster $13 billion, with four movies well over $1 billion.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has said that Avengers 4, the 22nd movie, will be the culmination of the original MCU plan.

The next MCU release is Black Panther, which claws its way into theaters February 16, 2018.

Source: CBR, Box Office Mojo

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