‘Red Sonja’ Reboot in the Works

Millennium, the studio that will be bringing us the Hellboy reboot, just acquired the rights to the Red Sonja properties and has hit the ground running on a new film. Red Sonja was created by Robert E. Howard & originally a Marvel comics creation. Red Sonja first hit the big screens back in 1985 alonside Arnold Schwarzenegger. Since then, the character has appeared in a number of comic books mostly made by Dynamite Entertainment & Dark Horse Comics.

Sonja Kalidor Fight.jpg

According to Deadline, producers Avi Lerner and Joe Gatta are fast-tracking the movie and will hire a writer next as the studio is looking to this as their next big franchise. The producers had this to say about the film:

“We have been waiting for the right time for this remake, and with the success of Wonder Woman, the audience has spoken. They want female heroes.”

Facts. Wonder Woman‘s critical and commercial success is definitely opening doors for what Hollywood needs, strong female lead characters starring in their own films! Stay tuned for more news on the movie and tell us what you think! Are you here for a Red Sonja reboot?

Source: Deadline


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