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Reportedly, ‘Stranger Things 2’ Premiere Episode Drew Over 15.8 Million Viewers

Last weekend we were able to return to visit Hawkins and the Upside Down with the premiere of season 2 of Netflix’ hit show, Stranger Things and, apparently, more people than we ever thought were eager to find out about the party’s future and his whereabouts on this new season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter (with Nielsen -the leader in TV measurement- as their source), an audience of 15.8 million viewers -nearly 11 million of them adults between 18 and 49- were watching “Chapter One” within three days of its launch.


However, these numbers have not been authenticated by Netflix, and they don’t report viewers on mobile devices so the number might change in the upcoming days, but they [the numbers] do give a pretty good idea of how many people is watching the show and the age range of their target audience.

But not only that, as according to Nielsen, 361,000 subscribers of the streaming platform binged-watched the entire nine-episode season within 24 hours of its release.

To have a bigger sense of the numbers, here’s the complete list, as revealed by Nielsen:

“Chapter Two” — 13.7 million viewers; 9.6 million people 18-49
“Chapter Three” — 11.6 million viewers; 8.1 million viewers 18-49
“Chapter Four” — 9.3 million viewers; 6.6 million viewers 18-49
“Chapter Five” — 8 million viewers; 5.6 million viewers 18-49
“Chapter Six” — 6.4 million viewers; 4.5 million viewers 18-49
“Chapter Seven” — 5.3 million viewers; 3.7 million viewers 18-49
“Chapter Eight” — 4.9 million viewers; 3.4 million viewers 18-49
“Chapter Nine” — 4.6 million viewers; 3.2 million viewers 18-49

What do you think about this news? Are you surprised by these numbers?
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Source:  The Hollywood Reporter.

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