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‘The Flash’ Will Feature The Council of Wells

One of the best running gags of The Flash is the introduction of a new Harrison Wells every season.

After the first Wells turned out to be Reverse Flash, season two introduced Earth-2’s Harry, then season three brought in HR.

the flash-hells wells

Tom Cavanagh as the cowboy “Hells Wells” on The Flash. Source: Tumblr

With season four’s big bad The Thinker using brains not brawn against Team Flash, they will need more brain power to help.

This leads to Cisco and Harry assembling Harrison Wells from various Earths to form the Council of Wells in the Nov. 14 episode When Harry Met Harry.

The hour will obviously be a showcase for Wells actor Tom Cavanagh. He discussed the approach with EW.

“We had a sprinkling of it when they were on their quest for H.R. Wells last year where we had Hells Wells, Mime Wells, and Steampunk Wells, and so that was just a one-off, but that got everybody’s juices flowing like, ‘If we were to do that, what would that look like with there being a Council of Wells that could convene?” he said. “We thought, ‘Oh, this is going to be completely obnoxious and shameless when I get a hold of it,’ and it is proving to be super obnoxious and ultra-shameless in hopefully the most appealing way.”

the flash-steampunk wells.png

Tom Cavanagh as Steampunk Wells from The Flash. Source:

Cavanagh also explained how he keeps all the Wells straight and makes each one different.

“With the Council of Wells, when fashioning these characters, you want to make sure that you can have the most impact in the littlest amount of time,” he said. “If there’s 20 percent of the comic book bubble left [after telling a Flash story] then you want to fill that and so you want to find ways to get in there right away with these guys, so I’m doing that.”

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 pm on The CW.

Are you excited to see which Wells join the Council of Wells?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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