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‘Supergirl’ S3 Ep.4: ‘The Faithful’ Review

Tonight’s episode, The Faithful, gets very deep as it examines the idea that a superhero with abilities like Supergirl could be seen as a God by some. And, like all religions it gets distorted into something dangerous.

Thomas Coville (Chad Lowe) is a drunk, divorced, ex-lawyer whining to another passenger on his flight, when it nearly crashes, until Kara saves it. Turns out it’s a flashback to the pilot, when Kara saved Alex and became Supergirl.

Two years later Coville has started a cult full of people saved by Supergirl. When Kara, James and Winn go to investigate, she remembers all of them.

The Faithful

Melissa Benoist as Kara, Mechad Brooks as James and Jeremy Jordan as Winn in the Supergirl episode The Faithful. Source: The CW via

Belief goes wrong when a man starts a fire and waits in a burning building for Supergirl to save him. Following this incident Kara goes back to see Coville as a reporter and he immediately knows she’s Supergirl. She confirms this and gives up her secret identity awfully quick.

She tries to order him to stop putting people in danger, but he’s too deep in his belief.

Coville turns a Kryptonian probe into a bomb to force Supergirl to rescue a packed arena full of hockey fans.

Unfortunately, the bomb has Kryptonite in it and Supergirl can’t do anything to stop it. Coville realizes how wrong he’s been just in time to help Alex push the bomb into the Earth’s core. In prison, Coville still believes in Supergirl and says he is there to help her find her way. He will pray to her and for her.

Alex has a major breakthrough this week when she finally admits she wants to be a mom. Wanting kids is not something Alex will be able to push down, nor should she.

We also continue with the slowest moving villain reveal, where Sam is inattentive to Ruby and complains to Lena about being the worst mother. Seriously, just do one interesting thing already.

In the last moments it’s finally shown that Reign will appear next week. This might have had more impact if The CW hadn’t released a photo of Odette Annable as Reign a few hours before the show aired.


Odette Annable as Reign in Supergirl. Source: The CW

Though there were no big reveals or plot advancements until the final scene, the episode offered some nice character development for Kara and Alex. It’s always fascinating to see how the human side of superheroes’ lives impacts their crime fighting lives.

Also happening in National City:

All those little girls at the school show in their Supergirl costumes was the cutest scene ever.

Kara using her lasers to dig to the Earth’s core was an awesome display of power.

James has his best scene in quite some time when he describes the feeling of praying for help and Superman showing up to save him. It’s a fascinating take on why people worship Supergirl. She can be seen and believed in.

Kara rediscovers her faith and her friends pray with her as Hallelujah plays in the background.


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