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Star Trek Discovery S1 EP.7: ‘Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad’ Review

Do you remember back in Star Trek The Original Series when every episode began with Kirk and his Captain’s log? Well, we have them back, but this time in the form of Michael’s logs as part of the crew of the Discovery.

With her log, we have an insight into how she feels about the Discovery and her friends there, as well as the fact that she’s learning to deal with her emotions, having decided to leave her Vulcan training behind. She’s part of the Discovery, but a stranger as well.

But while she’s discovering her way through her emotions -in a really relatable way- the Discovery is having a party! And is the perfect opportunity for Michael to get out of her comfort zone… right?

Well, not so much, as things end quickly for her and Tyler when duty calls and saves them from one of the worst things humans and aliens can face: small talk.

On their way to the bridge, they stumble upon Stamets, and with it, the changes we keep seeing in his behaviour are more notorious. Ever since mixing Ripper’s DNA with his, Stamets appears to be more affectionate, light-hearted and cheerful. Even his husband is suspicious and concerned about. But as it is, he’s the only one unaffected when the time loop begins.



Michael enjoying herself at a party.


Because yes, Harry Mudd is back to fulfil his promise to Captain Lorca, made two episodes back, wanting to have his revenge and make him suffer as much as Lorca did to him… or at least that’s what Harry says. But he’s not alone, as he comes with a device that allows him to reset time so he can figure it out how does the Discovery works so he can sell it to the Klingons and make Starfleet lose the war.

Is in this time loop that we learn, unsurprisingly and not at all shocking, that Tyler has feelings for Michael and they’re reciprocated, and with every new restart we get a glimpse of what an amazing couple they could be but aren’t.

One thing that didn’t felt right with me is the fact that this episode did the time resets rather… abrupt and fast, like you have no time to savour what’s going on, everything is “go, go, go” and don’t hold back so, while it’s entertaining to watch, it doesn’t let you enjoy what you’re seeing on screen.

I explain myself, in the episode we’ve seen three time-loops when we learn that, in fact, Stamets and Mudd have experienced the same scenarios over 53 times… When did that happen? I know we can’t see all the 53 scenarios, but that felt rather anti-climatic.

Also, with this episode, Stamets gets more recognition and we learn that, while he did change after combining his DNA with Ripper’s, he’s still a friend to Michael -as they both share a sweet and tender moment- and part of a crew that, although a little different from what we’re used to, in a way, feels like home.

This episode was entertaining, fun to watch and felt like the show has finally found his heart, as they focus more on the amazing characters they have and less in the Klingon war that, even though is the main reason this show exists, is not very appealing.

Can we have more episodes like this?


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