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Freaks of Color: Meet the Artist who Brought Together Overwatch and Dark Souls

When I think of things I wouldn’t imagine going together Overwatch and Dark Souls has to be pretty high up on that list..

Happy Halloween fellow Geeks! Today we are going to look at some of the work of Andrew Tran, commonly known on the web as “Doctaword”.

Andrew was born and raised in Toronto, California. His work has been featured by Blizzard, IGN, Nerdist, Machinima, and many others!


When I think of Overwatch I would say that I have a generally positive disposition. I mean Overwatch is a fun game with lovable colorful characters bursting with personality….Dark Souls, on the other hand, fills me with a certain kind of numbing emptiness only known to those who play Dark Souls.

But anyway this is why I was so intrigued to check out this Dark Souls inspired Overwatch art. Check out some of my favorites below! All images come from Andrew Trans Reddit post here


High Lord Reaper


Zen-Yatta the Tranquil


Gatekeeper Doomfist


Genji the Undying

Andrew definitely has a future in this business! Go over to his website to view his other works and learn more about him. He even has a Halloween sale going on! Be sure to follow him on Instagram @doctaword and show some love from Geeks of Color!

Everyone have a great Halloween! Stay spooky kids.

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