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The Top Gaming Reveals from Sony’s Playstation Live Event #PGW2017

Earlier today, Sony held a little livestream for Playstation at Paris Games Week. We reported a statement made by them a few days ago, in which they said, “E3 was only half the story.” Safe to say they weren’t joking. They dropped a lot of new titles: Sequels, Updates, a bunch of VR games (not even going to entertain those), and even New IPs. Let’s run through the main attractions of the event.

Ghost of Tsushima

Sucker Punch’s Newest IP

The first Triple-A title revealed of the night, Sucker punch looks like it’s making a comeback with this new IP, Ghost of Tsushima. No telling exactly what this game is about, but it’s looking like we’ll be playing as a samurai in the Mongol invasion. Consider me intrigued. You can read our in-depth examination of the game here

UPDATE: This is looking like an action-adventure stealth game

Spider-Man PS4

Our friendly neighborhood web-slinger returns in a new trailer

We already had a gameplay trailer drop for this new Spider-Man game a while back, but in this new trailer, we’re given a bit more insight into the story. Peter has been out of the game for a while, but due to Martin Li’s rise to crime as Mister Negative, Peter has to put the spandex back on and help save the city. We’re shown a few familiar faces (and Miles Morales, which is dope), but ultimately it’s been a while since we’ve been given a solid Spidey game, so let’s cross our fingers for this one.

Detroit: Become Human

This is the third trailer that’s been released for this game, but it’s the second time we’ve seen the android Kara since 2012. Like all the other trailers it shows the characters in a situation that features many different outcomes based on choices that the player makes throughout the game. We’re going to be getting a steady flow of information about this game up until it’s release (hopefully next year), so we’ll just remain vigil.

Guacamelee 2

The sequel to one of the better, non-Nintendo platformers

Now I personally have never had a chance to play the first game, but a lot of hype was seen on the web once the sequel was announced. It looks like more than your typical platformer, with the different dimensions passing through and revealing more paths and danger for you to overcome. Also, it seems to be drawing just as much from traditional Mexican culture and folklore as the first one did, and we can’t be mad about that at all.


Your decisions shape the gameplay

Okay so besides the fact that the trailer looked incredibly detailed and lifelike (as most trailers do nowadays, Erica has been described as something of an interactive film, and it sure looks like an interesting new project. By the trailer alone, it looks like a butterfly effect type of game, Where your decisions will probably have some sort of long-lasting effect on the turnout of the game. Excited to hear a bit more about this, because right now I’m kind of on the fence.

The Hong Kong Massacre

Think Hotline Miami..but in Hong Kong

So this is a new title from Captain Rogue Productions. It shares the top-down style gameplay of Hotline Miami, but with some influences from Max Payne and Sleeping Dogs. I honestly wish we had a chance to see more gameplay from this title because if you’re into this gameplay style, this looks promising.

God of War

This is a gameplay trailer that pretty much speaks for itself. No further words needed.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gold Edition: ‘Not a Hero’ DLC

A return to Resident Evil 7’s VR experience as Chris Redfield

Yeah yeah, I said I wasn’t going to do VR but…Resident Evil, alright? With Not a Hero, we’re put back into the shoes of Resident Evil veteran Chris Redfield, in a storyline that takes place after the events of the main game. It looks like we have a ton of new zombies and monsters to take, but this looks like it’ll be a hell of a ride. The best part about it? It’s a free DLC. Can’t argue with that.

The Last of Us Part II

Joel?? Ellie????

When this trailer first began, I thought it looked a lot like The Last of Us, but I never once saw Joel or Ellie from beginning to end.  However, at the end, it finally revealed that it was indeed The Last of Us, which begged the question: where the hell is Joel and Ellie at? They were in the first trailer, so why were they absent this time around? Doesn’t matter. This trailer was amazing. this game is going to be amazing. Take. My. Money.  To read more about The Last of Us Part II, check out this piece that my teammate Brianna wrote about it here

And that pretty much wraps up all of the things that GOC thought were worth reporting on from The Playstation Live event. There were plenty more things that we didn’t touch on, so let us know what game you’re most excited for from Sony.

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