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Image Comics’ ‘Nonplayer’ Film Rights Sold to Legendary

The film rights to comic Image comic Nonplayer, written and illustrated by Nate Simpson, have now been acquired by Legendary Pictures. The script will be written by Eric Pearson, whose past credits include Thor: Ragnarok and ABC’s Agent Carter.

The comic is described to be Guardians of the Galaxy meets The Matrix. The story follows a tamale delivery girl, Dana Stevens, who lives her quintessential warrior life in her augmented video game. But, when AI invades the game, forcing the chaos into the real world, she realizes she’ll have to courageously become her alter ego to fight the madness that has spilled into reality.

The first of the two comic series was published back in 2011, and Nonplayer #2 released in 2015.

It’s great we’re getting some comic book movies that aren’t Marvel or DC. What do you think about this Image comic hitting the big screen? Let us know!

Source: Deadline

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