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Star Trek Discovery S1 Ep.6: ‘Lethe’ Review

We know that Vulcan bonds are strong binds between the mind and soul of the participants, that Kirk and Spock accidentally bonded due to their close relationship and their time spent together, but is in this episode of Star Trek Discovery that we get a more meaningful insight into what a Vulcan bond represents and means to both parties… Or at least between Michael and Sarek, as their bond is as strong as a bond comes.

But while he is in trouble, it seems like the only one of his children that care is Michael… Are Spock and Sybok so mad at him that they ignore his distress? I mean… I get it, but rude.

And talking about Sarek can we appreciate for a moment that Amanda Greyson is here and she calls herself Michael’s mother? Because well, she is. Although she’s seen only a short amount of time, every time she’s on-screen you remember this is the woman who raised two amazing kids: Michael and Spock so… more respect on her is necessary.

Michael appears to be important not only to Sarek and Amanda but maybe even so to Spock as well, as Sarek chose him instead of Michael to attend the Vulcan Expedition Group, something Spock later rejected in order to join Starfleet… Maybe to be with his sister (?) or follow her steps (?).


The only question I have now is… why wasn’t she mentioned in TOS? What happened to her? That’s something Discovery needs to fix as soon as possible because even though Spock was not particularly known for telling people he had relatives, Michael is looking like she’s an important figure in that family.

On other note, Cadet Tilly is a ray of sunshine that deserves to be protected at all costs, as she continues to be a friend to Michael but with the main focus of being Captain one day and even part of the Enterprise, something I can only imagine and be happy about it.

Any mention of the Enterprise makes my heart burst with joy and the fact that Burhnman mentions it so casually makes me wonder in what point of its history are we talking about: Is it being built? Or is it already functional with Spock as it’s First Officer?

I know why Lorca is haunted by war, it was explained the last episode, but it seems like for the writers of Discovery he is obsessed with it. And boy does he has issues… not like Batman, but close enough.

And oh my, oh my, oh my, are things gonna get heat up in the Discovery? Guess not so PG13 anymore.

One thing that annoys me a little is this whole Vulcan superiority over humans, which is something Vulcans are known for and the reason Spock was bullied while growing up, but… Really? I thought we were over that.

On the last note… is it just me or is Stamets more cheerful than before? Which is odd… It feels wrong and like something amiss is going on… Remember the mirror scene? Yeah, something is definitely going on.

This episode was fun and entertaining, and while the war was mentioned and on the background, the fact that they focus more on building characters and developing the relationships between them was what made it my favourite episode of the series so far.

Is almost as if Discovery had interesting characters worthy of development… Maybe the series should focus more on that, and less in the action and fighting sequences.



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