Hasbro ‘Black Panther’ Action Figures Revealed

Following the hype from the incredible trailer, Marvel has revealed Hasbro’s Black Panther figures at MCM London, to be released later in January.

The figures will be part of the Marvel Legends line. They will feature cate deco, premium articulation, and will stand six-inches. Just like the other Legends series, they will feature Build-a-Figure, where one body part will be included with set, when combined will create Okoye, one of the Panther’s bodyguards.


The title character is among the revealed figures, as we all know as Chadwick Boseman’s character. Erik Killmonger and Nakia are among the included characters in the line as well. Killmonger is being played in the film by Michael B. Jordan and Nakia is portrayed by Lupita N’yongo.

You’ll be able to acquire these figures in January, before the film’s release on February 16, 2018. They will be sold separately and retail for $19.99.

How great do these figures look? Does this make you more excited for Black Panther? Let us know!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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