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Guillermo del Toro is Taking a Year Off as a Director

We know him as Hellboy director, as the man responsible for bringing us worlds like Pacific Rim, Pan’s Labyrinth, Shape of Water and much more but while he’s out there creating amazing worlds, there’s also the fact that it can be exhausting and demanding.

In a recent “conference” -because it was meant to be one-on-one interviews but it was later changed- where reporters were able to ask him questions, he was asked about his immediate plans after The Shape of Water premiere and in his answer he revealed he will be taking a year off to rest.

“I’m taking a sabbatical for a year as a director. I was going to do ‘Fantastic Voyage,’ but after The Shape of Water I need to take pause.”

The Shape of Water Kiss

That means that all of his projects that were in development, like Silver and The Fantastic Voyage are being put on hold… Even though Silver status is currently half-written and the idea for The Fantastic Voyage has been around since the 80’s.

However, there’s a ray of hope on everything, as he will continue with his role as producer in the upcoming projects like Pacific Rim: Uprising, Trollhunters Season 2, and Carnival Row.

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Be sure to check out on theatres The Shape of Water, Del Toro’s newest project, premiering December 1, 2017.

Source: Variety.


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