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Star Trek Discovery S1 Ep 5 “Choose Your Pain” Spoiler-Free Review

What would you feel if everything you’ve worked for is suddenly taken away from you? That’s the question this episode focus on and not only does it affect Michael, but everyone on the Discovery as well.

Michael is faced with something she’s never had to deal with, and it becomes more evident once Ripper, the creature whom she becomes attached, presents health problems due to its connection


In this episode, we get to see more of Saru, he even acts as Intern Captain of the Discovery once Lorca is unavailable and honestly, I’ve never hated him more than in this episode. He’s stubborn, coward, untrustworthy but somehow understandable… at the very end of everything.

Harry Mudd is back, for those who missed him from The Original Series and, even though is played by a different actor, is like he was never gone… And that can be either good or bad, depends on a personal note. However, he does get more philosophical than what we remember so… there’s that.


But not only does Saru or Harry get more spot than before, but also Tilly and Stamets as well. We get to see that they are people of science, much like Michael. They get excited when a new thing is learnt and when things become clearer for a better understatement of the Universe.

Lorca, on the other hand, gets a little more of backstory enough so we can have a little bit more of understanding about who he is as a Captain and, more importantly, as a person. And he’s not as shady or as manipulative as one could originally think.

Things are definitely getting better regarding Star Trek Discovery so, be sure to stay tuned for our next review, episode 6.

Spoiler Mention: Seeing Christopher Pike in Decorated Captains made me really happy because even if your Pike is from TOS or TAS, is Pike and that means that, in fact, there’s a USS Enterprise out there.

We also get a glimpse of what Anthony Rapp promised us when Discovery was been announced and… Is that The Mirror Universe?



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