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Microsoft Officially Stops Manufacturing Kinect

After years on the market, Microsoft has finally killed off the Xbox Kinect, after the company announced that it officially stopped production of the peripheral. The Kinect has been dwindling in use since the release of the Xbox One, when Microsoft announced and then unannounced the required use of it in its console.

For now, the technology powering the Kinect will continue to be used in Microsoft’s other projects, like the Hololens, which is hoped to change how consumers use augmented reality.


Hololens research and development is using the Kinect’s sensors to improve its understanding of real world environments. A 5th generation version of the Kinect will be available, but not to consumers as an Xbox accessory. The continued technology will help labs, artists, and companies who are already using the Kinect’s sensor technology in other projects.

Source: Co.Design


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