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Gal Gadot Says Wonder Woman “Is the Glue” Of The Justice League

Every day that passes we’re just a little closer to Justice League‘s premiere and with that, we get a little bit more of information in what we will see in the upcoming film, especially now that the press tour has begun in Beijing, China.

In a recent interview with DC All Access, Gal Gadot was asked about what Diana’s role is among the team, and to her, she’s what truly unites the team.

“For me it was important that she be the glue of the team. I think that one of the special and beautiful things about Diana is that she cares for people in the most sincere way. So in her scenes, I made sure that she would make every one of them feel stronger, loved and capable. The story in Justice League is far bigger than Diana; it’s about the entire League.”


Is not unusual to expect that, at first, not everyone on the team will get along -like Aquaman, Batman and Cyborg at first- so, the fact that is Diana who tries to feel everyone welcome should be no surprise to anyone, as she’s known for her compassion and knack for reason, besides, we know Batman is not one for that kind of things.

Besides, that won’t be her only role in the team, as we’ve seen in trailers and special footage that The Amazons have special ties with Steppenwolf.

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The League will unite in just three weeks from now, on November 17.

Source: DC All Access (through Imgur)



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