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Rumor: Marvel One-Shots Might Return

As Marvel nears 20 feature films, continue to expand their television universe, the Marvel One-Shots have unfortunately been pushed to the back-burner.


Marvel One-Shot Covers. Image via Imgur. 

Marvel One-Shots were a series of short films that are available on Marvel Blu-Ray’s from MCU films between 2010-2014. The shorts are self-contained stories that provide backstories for characters or events introduced from the theatrical films. Two of the shorts were inspiration for Agents of SHIELD, and Agent Carter.

The last Marvel One-Shot was All Hail The King in 2014. The short was on the Iron Man 3 blu-ray’s and followed Ben Kingsley’s character from the film.

Eric Pearson, who wrote four of the five One-Shots, thinks it won’t be the last Marvel One-Shot. Pearson wrote Agent CarterItem 47A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer, and The Consultant. He also wrote the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok.

In an interview with CinemaBlend, he hinted at the possible return of the Marvel On-Shots.

“I think probably the drop in Blu-ray sales has hurt the One-Shots program — though I’ve heard whispers of it starting up again. I can’t confirm that at all, but I’ve definitely heard whispers of it. And I have a whole folder full of other One-Shots that I just came up with. And I was like, ‘Oh, this will be a fun eight to 12 pages!'”

The Marvel One-Shots were successful and creative additions to the home videos. They were an excellent way to flesh the world of the MCU. They provided funny insights into what happens after the major events of the film, like the Incident from The Avengers, which was explored in Item 47.

While we wait to see if the Marvel One-Shots will be resurrected, you can now purchase your tickets for Thor: Ragnarok, scripted by Pearson. The movie hits theatres November 3rd.

Source: CinemaBlend.

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