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The Gifted S1 Ep. 4: ‘eXit strategy’ Review

The Gifted continues on its great path with another a solid episode four. In ‘eXit strategy’ we find some members of the Mutant Underground devising a plan to break into Sentinel Services in an attempt to free Lorna Dane/Polaris (Emma Dumont) and Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer).

**Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched this episode**

Much like the last episode, we learn more about what drives the mutants who are part of the Mutant Underground. In a flashback, we find that a breakout attempt at Sentinel Services had been tried in the past, but it led to casualties for the Underground – or so they believed.

So, when Marcos/Eclipse (Sean Teale) reveals that he wants to attempt another break in, most of the mutants disagree with the move, leaving only five who are willing to help Marcos with his plan to free Lorna and Reed. But with such little manpower, the Underground needs help – and this will come from a highly unlikely source.

Kate (Amy Acker) suggests that they hit Sentinel Services when they’re moving the prisoners to a military airport, since getting into Sentinel Services directly would likely be deadly. So, that leaves Marcos to get help from an old friend, Carmen – in fact, it’s his ex-girlfriend from his time with the Cartel. But Carmen is not going to give Marcos something for nothing.

While all this is happening, Lorna and Reed are stuck in adjoining cells. Reed wants Lorna’s help, but she is unwilling to join his side – even if his children are mutants as well. In a poignantly placed speech, Lorna reminds Reed that he is still the bad guy and points out all of the lives he ruined while separating mother from child, couples and friends on his mission to detain mutants. Therefore, he needs to look elsewhere for both help and sympathy.

When the group attacks the convoy to save both Lorna and Reed, of course in typical dramatic fashion, nothing goes as planned. The bus carrying the pair doesn’t get stopped where it should and then their powers stop working. John/Thunderbird (Blair Redford) realizes that a mutant referred to as, ‘Pulse’, the same mutant who he thought had been killed when they first attacked Sentinel Services in the past, was alive and well. Clearly, he’d been brainwashed or programmed to help Sentinel Services.

John takes matters into his own hands and gets into a fight with Pulse, knocking his fellow mutant out cold which restores powers to everyone. The battle resumes with the mutants being able to use their abilities to retrieve Reed and Lorna.

This episode of The Gifted was probably the most action-packed since the series premiere and it was a great one to watch. The episode balanced the action well with the turmoil and struggles that the main characters of the show have been tackling on a regular basis. It’s clear that some of them are being led down dangerous path – whether it’s Marcos and his promise to be at Carmen’s beck and call for her help with saving Lorna, or Blink’s constant dreams of a love affair with John which aren’t real (see last episode review).

All in all, this was another great episode for The Gifted and from the preview for next week’s episode, it seems that the action won’t be short-lived.

Be sure to check out episode five of The Gifted next Monday on FOX at 9:00pm EST.

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