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‘Supergirl’ S3 Ep.3: ‘Far From the Tree’ Review

The latest episode of Supergirl skipped the villain of the week and focused on the characters’ personal lives. In Alex and Maggie’s case that means celebrating their wedding shower with friends and family including Maggie’s estranged father Oscar, played by Carlos Bernard (24).

Meanwhile M’gann called J’onn back to Mars and Kara accompanied him because everyone wants Supergirl to be their backup.

J’onn and Kara head to Mars in his spaceship, which is disguised as a 50s convertible. Once there, they rendezvous with M’gann, who is leading a resistance. Her best fighter is a young jerk named Till’all, who pretty much yells and broods for most of the episode. Handsome, tortured fighter is a CW staple after all.


David Harewood as J’onn and Sharon Leal as M’gann in the Supergirl episode Far From the Tree. Source The CW via TV Line.

The whole story revolves around the search for an ancient staff, which is a psychic weapon that can track the entire resistance. To find it J’onn must reconnect with his father M’yrnn, played by Carl Lumbly.

Lumbly is brilliant casting, since he is the DC Animated Universe’s Martian Manhunter. He and David Harewood are perfect as father and son.

Ultimately, they find the staff, defeat the bad guys and it all works out. M’yrnn even returns to Earth with J’onn and Kara. It’s a very uncomplicated, anti-climactic reunion story.

supergirl-s3-ep4-carl lumbly

Carl Lumbly as J’onn’s father M’yrnn J’onzz in Supergirl. Source: The CW via TV Line

Back on Earth, Maggie and Alex are having their wedding shower. Maggie’s sad story about being kicked out and disowned by her father leads Alex into suggesting she try to reconnect with her father now that she’s older and times have changed.

Unfortunately, times haven’t changed that much for Oscar and he just can’t accept his daughter being a lesbian. He doesn’t want her to suffer hate like he did. In his speech he says “they’re building a wall because they think we’re rapists and murderers.”

Side note about this moment of realism: whatever your political opinions, this dialogue is out of place in the fantastical world of Supergirl. It feels like a reference for reference sake. Like the writers were just waiting to get it in somehow.


Melissa Benoist as Supergirl and Sharon Leal as M’gann on Mars in the Supergirl episode Far From the Tree. Source: The CW via TV Line

In the end, Maggie tells her father that she doesn’t need his approval anymore now that she has a new family.

The one interesting moment of this episode comes when Alex asks Maggie if she’s changed her mind about having kids and she confirms her feelings about parenthood have nothing to do with her relationship with her father.

Alex clearly wants kids, so this is destined to be a sore spot for the couple. The question is will this be the thing that comes between them?

While not a bad episode, Far From the Tree felt like filler. Just an hour to pass the time until the real stories get going.

Also happening around National City (and Mars):

Kara distracts the bad White Martians by pulling up in J’onn’s convertible and playing Britney Spears Baby One More Time. It’s a hilarious moment that is the highlight of an otherwise predictable episode.

Eliza Danvers is the best superhero mom ever. She just loves and accepts her daughters no matter what.

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