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‘Inhumans’ Ratings Not So Super

Marvel’s newest television series Inhumans seems to be the little engine that could. Ever since it was demoted from big budget blockbuster film to a moderately budgeted television mini series, the excitement surrounding the show hasn’t been so hot.

Mix that with the audience response to promo pictures and the season premiere that garnered lots of social media hate, it’s not all peaches and roses. But the show has been going strong for the past five weeks, telling a unique story about the Inhuman Royal Family that includes Black Bolt the King, Medusa the King, Karnak, Crystal and many others. But the fifth episode that premiered this past week hit a new ratings low for the show.

Photo Courtesy of EW

Based on a report from Deadline, the show’s fifth episode scraped only a 0.4 adults 18-49 rating, with a total viewership of two million. That may seem good to some but for a big honcho like ABC/Disney partnering with a pop culture mainstay like Marvel, it’s not good at all.

There are only three episodes left in the series and if ratings continue to decline, a second season may not be in the foreseeable future for the Kingdom of Attilan but only time will. The ratings for Agents of SHIELD weren’t their best when the show premiered and even faced possible cancellation until the big wigs at ABC stopped it. Now AOS is going on its fifth season. So maybe fate is on the side of the inhumans.

What do you think GOC fam? Should the show stay or go? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Screenrant

Inhumans airs on Fridas nights at 9pm on ABC.


  1. I consider myself a true Marvel head tho I haven’t collected the books in a few years…I still keep up…what’s sad to me about this show (even tho the promos looked kinda stank to me) is the promotion…I honestly forgot about this show had no idea it was on for five weeks smh…

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