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‘Hitman’ Gets GotY Edition and New Campaign

Earlier today, Danish developer IO Interactive announced that Hitman will be getting a new Game of the Year edition, complete with updates, content, and an entire new campaign.

The new GotY edition will be released digitally on November 7th 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Along with the complete first season, the edition will include a new ‘Patient Zero’ Campaign, a series of suits and matching themed weapons, 3 themed escalation contracts.

The new campaign finds Agent 47 attempting to prevent a global pandemic, keeping a secretly engineered virus from spreading across the world. The settings remain the same, but IO promises they “look and feel” completely different, including new time of day and custom music.


The new outfits include a “Raven Suit”, Cowboy Suit, and 47’s famous Corky the Clown disguise. Each of these outfits include weapons themed to go with them.

In addition, each combination will help players unlock Escalation Contracts, each with special starting locations and mini-stages.

While GotY edition is offered for $60, players who already own Hitman can get the new content for $20 on November 7th. There’s also a free update for players, including “Conditions” which are intended to challenge players, and a reactivation of Elusive Targets from the first season.

Source: IO Interactive

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