‘Shazam!’ Director Confirms April 2019 Release Date

Director, David F. Sandberg took some time out of his busy day to chat with fans about his most recent release, Annabelle: Creation, on Reddit. One of the questions he was asked was about the upcoming DCEU installment he’s set to direct, Shazam!. Check out the post from Sandberg himself below!

We know that pre-production started about 2 months ago & Sandberg stated that “it takes a long time to make visual effects heavy movies” so a 2019 release date doesn’t seem too far-fetched. By then we’ll have seen the upcoming Justice League, Aquaman (which just wrapper filming) & The Flash. While John Cena & Joshua Sasse are the rumored frontrunners for playing the titular character, no one has officially been cast yet. Meanwhile, we still have The Rock’s Black Adam solo movie that’ll begin production sometime soon.

Well there you have it. Be sure to catch Shazam! April 2019!

Source: David F. Sandberg (via Reddit)



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