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‘The Munsters’ Live-Action Fancast (Movie Edition)

The Munsters are one of three ghoulish families that aired on television in the 1960’s. The Munsters, The Addams Family, and Dark Shadows followed macabre families that were deep in the supernatural world. Many may know that The Munsters aired the same week as The Addams Family in 1964, but they have not had the same lasting impression on pop culture. The Munsters were largely overshadowed by their ensemble of iconic monsters who were iconic in other contexts. Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, and the Bride of Frankenstein have largely been associated with Universal monsters. Their popularity was independent from The Munsters televisions show, whereas The Addams were entirely original. However, The Munsters may have not had the same commercial and mainstream success of The Addams Family, it still has a cult following. Recently, NBC announced they will try again with the macabre family and bring them back for a television show.


Universal Monsters / The Munsters. Image via Seeker of Truth

Unfortunately, The Munsters, and The Addams Family have outgrown television, specifically the sitcom formula. They belong on the big screen. The gothic genre, the iconic characters, and the character mythologies deserve more than a half-hour sitcom.

Unlike The Addams Family, there isn’t an active fanbase fancasting these characters. When one thinks of Gomez or Morticia they can immediately picture fan favorites like Oscar Isaac and Eva Green. Lily & Herman Munster haven’t quite resonated with fans in the same way. However, that will change once you check out these fancasting ideas.

So let’s get started!


Ruth Negga as Lily Munster

Lily Munster is the matriarch of the Munster household. She is a vampire married to Herman, Frankenstein’s monster. She is also the daughter of Dracula. She is often depicted as a sweet-natured woman who also has a fiery temper, is passionate, and emotional. Unlike, Morticia Addams, who is cold, distant, and mysterious. Lily wears her emotions on her sleeve. Ruth Negga is perfect for the role. She has a sweet disposition and can surly bring out the fire at any given moment.


Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Herman Munster

Herman Munster is a giant goofball. He may have a menacing presence, standing at seven-foot-three, with a large frame, size 26 feet, bolts and cuts cover his body, but he is an innocent child at heart. He is lovable, good-natured, clumsy, and somewhat juvenile. He is very much a mix of Lurch and Gomez from the Addams Family. Nathan Stewart-Jarrett would be a great choice. He is a wonderful actor who can convincingly play both the sweet and menacing sides of Herman. Also, it helps that he is quite tall and has previously worked with Negga.


Brendan Gleeson as Grandpa Munster

Vladimir Dracula, Count of Transylvania, or simply Grandpa in the Munster home. He is the irritable, grouchy, sarcastic, loving father of Lily Munster. He is a goofy mad scientist who likes to make potions in the basement. The perfect actor for the role would be Brendan Gleeson. Gleeson is a seasoned character actor, many might remember him as Mad Eye Moody from Harry Potter. In this scenario, after leaving Transylvania the Munsters moved to Ireland instead of Great Britain, which will explain why Lily and Grandpa have Irish accents.

*Ruth Negga is Irish & Ethiopian. If Lily’s mother were to appear a Black actress should play her, to stay consistent with Negga’s background. Not included in the fancast, but Marianne Jean-Baptiste would be my top choice. Grandma has never really been fleshed out as a character and only seen once in the show.


Susie Wokoma as Marilyn Munster

Marilyn Munster is the ‘normal’ Munster. She appears to be completely human and is rather plain compared to her family. She is Lily’s niece and lives with the Munsters. It is never explained why she is the way she is, it is just implied that her mother is human. Although she is ordinary living with the Munsters and being exposed to the supernatural world has made her a ghoul at heart. Susie Wokoma would be brilliant in the role. She already plays a ‘normal’ person entrenched in the supernatural world in Crazyhead. Between her characters in Chewing Gum and Crazyhead she has shown she can play sweet innocent Marilyn, who doesn’t mind her Grandpa turning into a bat.


That’s it. This is my Munsters. I decided to make this family Black because we never see Black actors playing such fantastical characters or in the gothic genre. My previous fancast for the Addams Family incorporated Latino actors, because of Gomez has Spanish heritage and Puerto Rican actor Raúl Juliá played him in the recent films.

I hope you enjoyed this fancast, and are encouraged to watch The Munsters TV show and the various adaptations, and the original Universal Monsters films.

Please share, comment, and have yourself a very dreadful day!

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