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You Can Now Collect Stan Lee’s Marvel Cameos With New Funko Pops

Stan Lee is no stranger to the world of Funko Pops, he has been immortalised as the collectibles before, however this is the first time you can now collect his cameo appearances from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Funko teased the release of three collectibles arriving exclusively at Walmart in November on their website.

Stan Lee’s cameos have become a cool easter egg for fans in Marvel movies for decades playing small roles, often comedic characters. Funko knows how to keep the fans interested as the release of these collectibles will surely delight Marvel fans.


The three collectible cameos include his appearance in Captain America: The First Avenger wherein he played a WWII general. The second is from Guardians of the Galaxy wearing his snazzy glasses and the final is from Captain America: The Winter Soldier where he played the confused security guard.

You can catch Stan Lee in his next cameo in Thor Ragnarok from November 3rd.



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