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Rumor Alert: Could Eiza González Be DCEU’s Catwoman?

An old rumor has resurfaced concerning the long awaited Gotham City Sirens. This time it is about Catwoman, the sultry and sexy cat-burglar from Batman’s rogues gallery.


Eiza as Darlin in ‘Baby Driver’. Image via Pinetrest.

Eiza González has been named many times by fans as their favourite for Selina Kyle. Rumors began after her recent performance in Baby Driver as Darling. Darling is a Catwoman type character, and the performance would be perfect for González to use as an audition tape. The performance was enough to convince many of famous Mexican actress’ fans.

This time the rumor has started up again because director David Ayer has followed González on Twitter. The director currently follows 199 accounts, following González must have been intentional, maybe pointing to this casting or a collaboration on another project.

This casting would fall in line with what fans have been hoping. Catwoman’s Latina heritage has largely been ignored in various live-action incarnations. A group of loyal fans began the #MakeCatwomanCubanAgain hashtag last year. Many of the social media posts tagged Geoff Johns, Zack Snyder, and David Ayer. They must have gotten the message that had been sent by fans that they want a Cuban actress to play Selina, or at the very least a Latina actress.

González is a rising star in Hollywood, but already is a household name in Mexico. This past summer she made an impression as Darling in Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver. Again, as noted before the role is very similar to Catwoman. She also stars on the hit show From Dusk Till Dawn, there she plays Santanico Pandemonium.

González would be a great a choice for Selina Kyle, and a step towards more Latinx representation in comic-book movies.

Check out González’s recent Instagram post:

Can you see Eiza González Catwoman? Who is your top pick for the role? Sound off in the comments section below or tweet us your thoughts @GeeksOfColor.

Source: Twitter.

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