Ever since The Force Awakens, fans have rallied for Finn and Poe to be romantically involved in the new Star Wars trilogy.

John Boyega spoke with Metro about the possibility of his character Finn and Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron becoming a couple and having Star Wars become more progressive as a franchise.

“I think that Oscar is always looking at me with love in his eyes, and I guess that the fans saw it. And then they realized that either he needs to chill or come out.”

On his thoughts about progressive films in general, this is what Boyega had to say:

“There definitely is that responsibility, but more the responsibility to hire those from those experiences to share their creative light, that’s the pivotal thing. Because if you just hire the same sort of people you’re just getting the same sort of film. It’s not wrong, but then there’s a lack of variety.

What do you think about the possibility of Finn and Poe being the next Star Wars couple and a progressive future in films? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Metro

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  1. It’s unlikely to happen. Most mainstream franchises are waaaay too chickensht, to add lgbtq as primary characters. They’re generally too frightened to even add them as side characters without killing them off. TV is a lot better at having supporting lgbtq characters, but the mainstream genre and action movies haven’t quite gotten to that point yet.


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