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The Marketing for ‘Justice League’ May Have Just Revealed The Seventh Member

For a while now, rumours have been swirling about who the potential final member of the Justice League could be. Green Lantern has been at the forefront of those rumours. Now, another potential marketing gaffe may have spoiled Green Lantern’s inclusion in the superhero blockbuster.

Justice League have partnered with The Big Bang Theory in the form of a contest wherein fans register to win ‘Geekstakes’ by spinning a wheel that represents each Justice League members’ logo, suprisingly the seventh logo on this wheel is the Green Lantern.


Ryan Reynolds once played Green Lantern on-screen. It’s okay he knows it was bad too.

Of course, we can’t know for sure whether this was an error on behalf of The Big Bang Theory or a genuine marketing mistake. However, it’s worth noting that this error is the same superhero who has already been widely rumoured to be in the Justice League, it’d be quite the coincidental error.

If you are interested in checking it out for yourself, here is the link to the spinning wheel that shows Green Lantern’s logo:

You can also enter the promotional sweepstakes at:

If you are lucky, you could be within a chance to attend the premiere of Justice League and finding out the final Justice League member for yourself.

Justice League opens in Cinemas on November 17th, 2017.

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