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The Gifted S1 Ep. 3: ‘eXodus’ Review

Three episodes into The Gifted and yet again, we get another solid, action-packed episode. This time around, we get out first glimpse into the past of some of the runaway mutants and we see more reaction from humans who want nothing more than to get rid of the ‘mutant problem’.

*Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched the episode*

Episode three begins with a flashback where we learn more about how Lorna and Marcos came to be a couple. The pair are out at night, a brief break from their lives on the run, when Lorna presses Marcos on what he did when he first discovered his powers.  He reveals that he wasn’t exactly excited about being a mutant on the streets of Bogota. Lorna shows him how to embrace his powers and the pair’s love affair blossoms from there.

However, this nice moment comes to a halt when we are forced back to the present to see Lorna in solitary confinement. She is still testing the strengths and weaknesses of the power dampening collar, which she had used in the previous episode to throw a table at a fellow inmate. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see as much of Lorna but what we do see is hard to watch. It was revealed in the first episode that Lorna is pregnant, so she is doubly desperate to escape the prison. She pushes her powers to the limit against the collar in an attempt to escape. With the door open, she crawls out but collapses in a bloody mess before she can get any further.

Back to the Mutant Underground, Blink is awake but her powers are still going haywire. John is doing his best to help her, but the dynamic between the two is especially awkward as his ex-girlfriend, Dreamer is still in the picture – being that she’s part of the Underground as well. The awkwardness is only amplified when Dreamer uses her powers to manipulate Blink’s feelings for John in order to save him, Marcos and the Strucker family.

Of course, the Strucker’s are in trouble yet again. This time, it’s the family’s matriarch that puts her family in a bad spot. Kate decides to sneak away from the mutant hideout in order to seek help from her brother, Danny. Both Andy and Lauren won’t let their mother go alone and only visit their uncle to find out he’s just as bad as all of the other humans they’ve encountered. Honestly, he might as well be working for Sentinel Services himself with his attitude and discriminatory behaviour aimed as his niece and nephew.

What was baffling, was Kate’s naivety to sneak away and think they wouldn’t get caught. So, when Danny’s neighbours form outside of his house upon finding out that his on-the-run niece and nephew are in his home, it’s not at all surprising. It’s one of the show’s main components and one The Gifted does so well. The show consistently displays the fear and often, the hatred that comes with being part of a minority group.

The show’s biggest surprise comes from Andy. If you remember the premiere episode, Andy could be heard referring to mutants as “muties” but now that’s he’s discovered his abilities, he seems to be embracing them. He talks about robbing a bank and also uses his powers against his uncle’s angry neighbours, even though he was told not to. Embracing his rage might be the first step in the young mutant heading down a darker path. But we will obviously have to keep watching the show to see how Andy’s character continues to develop.

Catch episode four of The Gifted next Monday at 9:00pm EST.


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