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Supergirl S3 EP.2: ‘Triggers’ Review

In its continuing effort to make Kara as sad and pathetic as possible, Supergirl’s second episode Triggers opens with a montage of Alex and Maggie’s happiness, and Sam and Ruby’s family bond cut together to highlight Kara’s loneliness.

The villain of the week is Psi, a metahuman who uses her psychic abilities to make someone experience their worst fears. She uses this huge power to rob banks, because Arrowverse criminals only ever want money or weapons.

supergirl ep 3-psi beats police

Yael Grobglas as metahuman bank robber Psi in the Supergirl episode Triggers. Source: The CW via TV Line

Psi whammies Supergirl and she hallucinates that the walls are closing in. Apparently Kara was claustrophobic when she first came to Earth. There’s definitely going to be a powerful moment where Kara must overcome her sadness to deal with her claustrophobia.

Meanwhile Ruby gets in a fight at school, making Sam leave work early. Feels like they’re showing us the stress of Sam’s life so we understand why she finally snaps. However, if Sam is going to become this season’s big bad Reign, she really needs a more interesting backstory than working single mom with a moody pre-teen daughter.

During a fight with Psi, Kara relives her escape from Krypton and her years stuck in the pod, which is the source of her fear.

Guess what, a pep talk from Alex helps Kara deal with her fear that she killed Mon-El when she put him in that pod.


Chyler Leigh as Alex and Melissa Benoist as Kara in the Supergirl episode Triggers. Source: The CW via TV Line

Kara’s relationship with Mon-El helped show the importance of her human life, but having Supergirl continually pine over a boy really undercuts the strong female role model the show is constantly marketing.

The Kara/Mon-El romance was fun and sweet, but she cannot spend anymore episodes snapping at people and sitting in sad corners. As a matter of fact, don’t even mention his name again until he comes back from the future. Yeah, he’s totally in the future with the Legion of Superheroes.

Also happening around National City:

Are we really supposed to believe that super genius Lena Luthor still can’t figure out that her best friend is Supergirl?

Now that Lena has taken over CatCo, James is pretty much useless right?

J’onn is planning to get jiggy on the dance floor at the wedding.


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