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Best Costume Ideas for Halloween

The Halloween season is quickly upon us, and the holiday itself will be here very soon. I’m sure most of you already know what you’ll be going as for Halloween, but some of us – like me – wait till the last minute to complete everything. If you’re struggling to find an outfit, fear no more! I’ve got you covered.

This year, pop culture has provided us with a wide variety of exciting new character ideas and potential costumes. It seems that with every passing moment, something new comes out and captures the Internet in its grasp. If it isn’t specifically tied to horror, it’s a superhero movie or a comedy. Here are seven of my ideas on what to go as this year for Halloween!

1. Pennywise


Photo credit: Digital Spy

I predict we’ll see a lot of Pennywises walking around, asking if fellow trick-or-treaters want to play. And I predict we’ll see some good ones, too – because truth be told, it’s not a hard costume to replicate. Get some Victorian clothes, a red balloon and a clown mask, and you’ll be terrifying children everywhere. The shapeshifter clown and his frightening antics have earned Warner Bros. up to $650 million at the box office, so methinks there will be plenty of teens and tweens showing their love for Pennywise this year.

2. Chris from Get Out


Photo credit: LA Times

This is a very easy one – find an outfit similar to the one Daniel Kaluuya sports in the film, put some teardrops in your eyes, sit in an armchair, and you’re set to go! The iconic chair/hypnosis scene is still stuck in my mind, and this is one of my personal favorites on the list. Not only is it very cost-effective if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money, but it’s easily recognizable and will start great conversation in your circle.

3. Wonder Woman


Photo credit: The Mary Sue

Of COURSE, Diana of Themyscira had to make my list. The Amazon Princess has quickly become the DC Extended Universe’s most popular character, and Gal Gadot’s take on the character has proven to be quite successful. Several stores in my area are already selling out of DCEU Wonder Woman costumes. And while this was always a good costume to sport, Wonder Woman’s in right now. Are you really going to miss out on the fun?

4. Black Panther


Photo credit: Marvel Studios

Black Panther just shook the world with its newest trailer, confirming to all of us mortals how we need to show him some respect and bow down. Going as T’Challa – or even, as the trailer revealed, his archnemesis the Golden Jaguar – would not only earn you some serious street cred, it would continue the discussion on how awesome Black Panther looks. And don’t we all want to talk about that?

5. Aquaman


Photo credit: Nerdist

Jason Momoa’s take on the character has quickly stolen the show, becoming one of the most anticipated aspects of the upcoming Justice League film. In all the promo, he’s front and center, being as awesome as one can expect Jason Momoa to be. Love DC and want to show your support for it? Go as Aquaman! It’s a pretty simple costume – rock no shirt, grab a pitchfork and some Atlantean armor. (Be careful, though, if you live in a cold area.)

6. Finn, Rey or Poe Dameron


Photo credit: The Cantina

I know these are multiple characters, but they’re the three leads in Lucasfilm’s new Star Wars trilogy. They walked away with The Force Awakens and are arguably the most interesting things in the new trilogy. Why not go as one of them? You could spot Rey’s new Jedi look, with all the grey and the new hairdo. Or you could go for Finn’s jacket from his Resistance pilot buddy. Even said buddy himself would be a cool idea. Just as long as you don’t go as Kylo Ren.

7. Eleven from Stranger Things


Photo credit: Billboard

It’s another relatively easy choice; there isn’t much to Eleven, besides her new hair and vaguely androgynous look. But why wouldn’t you want to dress up as everyone’s favorite telepath? You could even take pictures doing the cool arm movements. Plus, Stranger Things season 2 hits right before Halloween, so you won’t only be timely – you’ll be in the moment.

And finally…

8. Hela


Photo credit: Moviepilot

I’m sure Hela costumes will be selling out through the month of October. Cate Blanchett has captivated us all in just two trailers with her iconic look, and everyone’s excited to see how she’ll do in Thor Ragnarok. But as we wait, why not show our appreciation for Marvel’s casting of her and dress up as her? You’d look ‘Hela’ good in that headdress and green outfit. Just sayin’.

These are all some ideas for what to go as for Halloween. I’m sure you have more, and be sure to let us know them!


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