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Kevin Feige Reported To Be A Fan Of New DC Films

The MCU and the DC Cinematic Universe have been at odds since its comic book origins and has escalated once films were made and took over movie theaters across the globe.

However, in an interview with Heroic Hollywood, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has this to say about the new DC films, and it’s nothing but praise.

“I don’t know. I’m not one to bestow advice onto others,” said Feige. “I think you can look at what they did with Wonder Woman and they’ve figured that out. I’ve got great confidence in Geoff Johns over there and now Joss Whedon helping them out that just makes me excited as a fan to see what’s next.”

In addition, reports that Feige does not hold any negative feelings over former Marvel director Joss Whedon, who took over helming Justice League after Zack Snyder’s departure, as well as developing a Bat Girl film adaptation. It’s apparent that Feige recognizes the DC cinematic universe and their positive change in direction.

Marvel’s most recent film, Thor: Ragnarok, will be out in theaters November 3rd.

Source: Heroic Hollywood,


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