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‘Happy Death Day’ Kills At The Box Office

Blumhouse Productions looks to have another winner on their hands. Happy Death Day wins this weekends box office with and estimated $26.5 million opening, coming in at number 10 for highest openings for the production house.

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Tree and her killer. Image via GQ.

The slasher film toped the box office this weekend following stellar box office performances from Split and Get Out. Split opened with $40 million, and Get Out opened with $33 million.

Happy Death Day beat The Visit‘s opening, which was $25 million. The Visit went on to gross nearly $100 million worldwide. Split grossed $278.3 million worldwide, and Get Out grossed a little less with $253.1 million. Happy Death Day may find itself earning $100-200 million. With the release being Friday the 13th and Halloween less than two weeks away, the buzz and thematic release may propel this film to out gross The Visit and find a comfortable spot north of $100 million.

The film scored a “B” CinemaScore from opening day audiences which broke down 54% female vs. 46% male, of which 63% were under the age of 25.

With these demographics the film and the PG 13 rating Blumhouse looks to have a hit amongst the younger audience, who for the most part celebrate Halloween more than the older crowd. Without IT being a real threat to it’s box office Happy Death Day will have a smooth ride ahead.

Happy Death Day also began its international roll out this weekend, debuting in 11 markets and bringing in an estimated $5 million. Top markets included an estimated $2 million debut in Brazil and $1.1 million in Australia. Next weekend, the film opens in 16 territories including Sweden, Taiwan and the U.K. and Ireland.

Happy Death Day was made on a $4.8 million budget. The Visit was made with $5 million. Get Out was made with $4.5 million. Split comes in higher with $9 million. With these box office returns Blumhouse will continue to build their empire for a long long time. It is important to note that Blumhouse is not only making strides in the horror-thriller genre, they are making strides in the filmmaking industry. They are making it known that low-budgets are the smartest business decision.

Source: Box Office Mojo.

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