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Director Of ‘Happy Death Day’ Has Plans For A Sequel

Happy Death Day is a slasher film made in the tradition of Harold Harold Ramis’ Groundhog Day. 

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Tree and her killer. Image via GQ.

Our protagonist somehow get’s trapped in a loop, reliving the same day over and over again. The twist is she must  find out who is killing her at the end of each day, which also happens to be her birthday.

Minor spoiler




The film never explains whyTree, played by Jessica Rothe, is trapped in this loop. It is left to the audience to infer why Tree was in this loop. One guess is that her death happened on her birthday which triggered this supernatural loop. Or it is some divine intervention. There is a ton of reasons why the loop occurred. Like previous films that have used this trope, it is usually not about the loop it is about the person stuck in the loop.

Director Chris Landon has a couple of good reasons Tree is in this loop and has a potential sequel already in mind.

It’s more than a discussion. I know what it is. I know what it is. But I can’t talk about it. And that’s not a cop out! It’s a genuine ‘If.’ If we have the amazing fortune of getting to make another one of these, that’s what that movie is about.

If you have seen the film you will know that the loop is put on the back-burner, and is made to be just a fact that Tree and the audience must deal with. The point of the film is not to explain the loop, but to just survive it.

I felt that often, when I think it’s the origin story, the first movie, that often the answer to the question is less interesting than the question itself. And I think that’s a principle that happens a lot in these kinds of movies. So rather than getting bogged down in a bunch of exposition that nobody really wants to care about or wants to hear, I was more interested in just sort of seeing how she approaches her dilemma, and how she tries to not only solve her own murder, but also how she changes as a person. That’s where I wanted to spend my time.

The movie certainly sets itself up for a sequel or for potential spin offs. Although, there is zero expectations from Landon for a sequel, but the box office may be what Blumhouse Production needs to produce another one.

Source: CinemaBlend.

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