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Cyborg’s Origin Story in ‘Justice League’ to Differ From Comic Books

Victor Stone a.k.a. Cyborg is definitely one to watch in the upcoming Justice League flick. Slated as half-man, half-machine – his ‘biomechatronic’ body parts set him apart from his team counterparts.

But it seems that Cyborg’s origin story will differ from the one readers have come to know from DC Comics.

In the comic books, Stone has had two different origin stories. The first saw a monster summoned from another universe tearing Victor’s body apart, whereas the New 52 origin saw Stone becoming Cyborg after a Father Box from Apokolips exploded while he was in S.T.A.R Labs.



Cyborg (Ray Fisher) in Justice League (courtesy of Warner Bros.)

But according to a post on Twitter (via user CedddieRiccky), which included some shots of promo materials of the film from an event held in the Philippines, Stone’s origin will be quite different.

The page about Cyborg reads:

Part man, part machine, Victor Stone is a former star athlete at Gotham City University. After a horrific car accident nearly cost him his life, he was saved when his father, scientist Silas Stone, used an Apokolitian Mother Box to reconstruct his body. In the process, Silas turned Victor into a human computer, organic with biomechatronic body parts. In other words, a Cyborg.

What do you think about Cyborg’s new Justice League film origin? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Cyborg and the rest of the Justice League crash into theaters on November 17, 2017!

Source: Twitter

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