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Nintendo May Be Making a Game Boy Classic

Earlier today, a trademark bot from Japan tweeted out that Nintendo has registered a Japanese trademark for the Game Boy. This is coming on the heels of Nintendo’s highly sought out classic consoles, including the NES Classic Mini and the SNES Classic Mini.

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According to the trademark, it includes “home video game console”, “smartphone”, “smartphone cases”, “smartphone covers”, “key holders”, “necklaces”, and “watches” programs.

Whether this means that the next classic Nintendo console is going to be a Game Boy is unclear. However, Nintendo has been filing cryptic trademarks for its older consoles. Back in July, Nintendo filed a European trademark for a controller that looks exactly like the one from the original Nintendo 64 console.


If Nintendo releases a Game Boy Classic Mini, what games would you like to see on it? If there is a Nintendo 64 Classic, we’re hoping to see Super Mario 64, Golden Eye, and Ocarina of Time. Let us know what you want in the comics!

Source: Kotaku

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