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‘Supergirl’ Premiere ‘Girl of Steel’ Introduces New Villains, Wedding Plans

As the Supergirl third season premiere Girl of Steel opens Kara dreams she is in a wheat field with Mon-El, then her mother (now played by Erica Durance) appears.

Once things jump back to reality, the show does its version of the cliché Superman shot. This time it’s Kara floating above the city, eyes closed, listening to the sounds of the city, waiting for trouble.

supergirl-erica durance

Erica Durance now plays Kara’s Kryptonian mother Alura. Source: TV Line/The CW

It becomes clear very quickly that Kara is trapped in her grief over losing Mon-El. While understandable, her self-pity really drags down the hour and even Melissa Benoist’s charm can’t save Kara’s scenes.

One of the most interesting parts of this episode is the introduction of Adrian Pasdar (Agents of SHIELD) as Morgan Edge. He might fill the Maxwell Lord sized hole that’s lingered since season one.

supergirl-morgan edge

Adrian Pasdar is new National City businessman Morgan Edge. Source: TV Line/The CW

Cat Grant is now the White House press secretary and of course she’s awesome. She popped up throughout the hour in hilarious briefings that definitely featured some real world trolling. Hopefully, this means she will show up a little more this season.

For Alex and Maggie fans, no worries they are definitely engaged and planning a big wedding. What’s nice is that it’s not a big deal. They’re just two people planning a wedding, like everyone else in the world.

Although, they should find another place to have heart to heart discussions. You know when they aren’t looking for a cloaked submarine.


Odette Annable as Sam in the season three premiere of Supergirl. Source: TV Line/The CW

In the night’s biggest surprise there was a quick introduction and glimpse of Odette Annable as Sam and Emma Tremblay as her daughter Ruby. Right now Sam is just an ordinary mom who seems to not know what she is, but she will eventually become the season’s big bad Reign.

In the end Hank helps Kara realize that she can’t give up her regular life and be Supergirl non-stop. His fatherly duties aren’t done, as he agrees to walk Alex down the aisle in “the biggest, gayest wedding” the city has ever seen.

Except for Lena buying CatCo there were no game-changing moments, and the premiere didn’t really set up the season arc. A few vague scenes were supposed to be mysterious, but felt more like they were thrown in late in the game.

Lines of the night:

“You have all the charm of a Michael Douglas movie from the 90s.” Lena to Morgan

“Kara Danvers sucks.” Kara in a rage to Alex

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