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Confirmed Darth Vader Appearance in ‘Battlefront II’

With Darth Vader being one of the iconic, if not most iconic, characters in the Star Wars universe, it is no surprise he makes an appearance in the new upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II game although there hasn’t been an official confirmation, until now.

EA made an official announcement and provided footage of the Sith lord in action, during the Battlefront II open beta.

His gameplay is exactly what you’d expect from the king of the Dark Side. Cutting down opponents with his lightsaber (Saber Throw) and levitating enemies by his Force Choke. He is also equipped with an ability called “Focused Rage” that essentially buffs him to inflict and soak more damage.

The footage, of course, is just a tease of what Darth Vader has to offer in Battlefront II‘s multiplayer. If you haven’t had the chance to play the beta, it has been extended until October 12, so hop in and witness the impressive roster of characters Vader is stepping into.

Star Wars Battlefront II is still set to release on November 17 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

How are you beta-players liking Battlefront II so far compared to Battlefront I? Let us know in the comments!

Source: PlayStation.Blog

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