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Hulu is Partnering with ESL to Make 4 Esports Shows

Hulu has just announced that it will be partnering with ESL (the Electronic Sports League) to produce 4 new esports shows for the fall. The new shows, called Player v. Player, Bootcamp, Defining Moments, and ESL Replay are intended to “explore the various facets of esports, including athlete training and preparation, news and industry trends, and coverage of ESL’s tournaments.”

According to Nik Adams, senior VP of Global Media Rights at ESL,

“The partnership with Hulu marks ESL’s first original series on an on-demand streaming service, and will showcase the diverse nature of esports through high quality storytelling. Esports appeals to a younger, more digitally savvy audience so Hulu is a perfect platform to build out our original content and expose the world of esports to new audiences.”


ESL also described what the new shows would be about.

Player v. Player is a gamified debate show wherein panelists gain points while debating current topics in games, with a final challenge involves a classic game. According to ESL, “the result is an urgent, passionate conversation amongst signature esports personalities, connecting communities while also pitting them against one another.”

Bootcamp is a weekly docuseries following The Immortals as they rebuild their CS:GO team roster. The team must formulate a team weeks before their tournament at IEM Oakland.

Defining Moments covers esports history, and is centered on a specific theme each week, including controversial moves in gaming history and long-standing rivalries. The show features interviews with designers, teammates, and even sports scientists.

ESL Replay is a condensced documentary-style recap of “the most memorable moments from four of the biggest multi-day esports tournaments in the world.” Each episode of Replay will be aired within a week of the live event, to give fans an exclusive view of tournaments.

Which of these shows seems most interesting to you? Let us know in the comments!

Source: ESL

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