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Hulu Announces a Price Drop for its Basic Package

Right after Netflix has announced another price hike for its subscribers, Hulu has announced a drop in its entry-level plan. For a limited time, Hulu is offering subscribers its cheapest plan for $5.99 a month for a year. A representative from Hulu says that the drop is to promote viewership in time for the upcoming Fall TV season.

Hulu has been building up its viewership for the past few months, by partnering with FOX and by snatching up ABC’s old 90’s shows like Full House, Family Matters, and Boy Meets World.

Hulu also started a new bundle last month, which allows college students to access Spotify Premium and Hulu’s basic package for $4.99 a month altogether. In another announcement, Hulu said they were working on more bundle offers, but haven’t explained exactly what the offers may be.

So far, the package deal still has limited commercials. Is this enough to get you to use Hulu, or is the Netflix hike not a big deal? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Variety

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  1. I always prefer Hulu. I watch a lot of anime, older and simulcast/new, and Hulu has had Netflix beat for a long time there. Not only do they tend to have a much wider selection, there tends to be more variety. Netflix tends to be piss-poor at offering shojo, but I do appreciate that they’ve been getting magical girl series on there for younger audiences.

    Hulu is priced pretty fair for me though, and it is a shame that they don’t get as much original or collaborative stuff, but it’s better for me.

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