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New ‘Justice League’ Posters And the Promise of a New Trailer

Justice League‘s premiere is just around the corner, and while we just had a little bit of insight in the tone, dynamic and relationships in the film, there’s really not a lot of information about what we will see in November.

Yesterday, the official twitter account of Justice League shared new individual posters of the characters and the promise of a new trailer coming our way this Sunday, probably due to NYCC, which starts today.

Despite the fact that his logo is present in every poster, Superman is absent from them, because, as most people remember, he died at the end of Batman V Superman -sorry for the spoiler-. Even though Henry Cavill (Superman) is confirmed to appear in the film, the studio has kept under wraps the most likely return of Clark Kent to de DCEU.

If you cannot wait for Sunday, when the new trailer arrives, here is the latest one we had, thanks to SDCC 2017.


What do you think about this news? What new footage do you think we will see in Sunday’s trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

The League will unite on November 17, 2017.

Source: Justice League Movie.

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