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Joss Whedon Co-Writing a Giles-Focused Buffy Spinoff Comic

Joss Whedon’s return to the Buffyverse is imminent; the series creator will co-write a Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff comic based on Rupert Giles. A few years after the show’s seventh and final season, Dark Horse began publishing an eighth season in a series of comics. By the end of Season 8 Giles had been killed, but would be resurrected in Season 9. However, the storied Watcher returned in the body of a ten-year-child. Luckily for him, his mind remained untarnished.

This new series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Giles, is set to span four issues. Writing alongside Whedon is Ericka Alexander. Art from Jon Lam and coloring assigned to Dan Jackson helps fill out the team on this all new Buffy endeavor.

Exploring Giles’ aging into adolescence, the comics will task the former watcher with enrolling in an inner-city high school. During his stay, Giles will be thrust into an investigation concerning the mysterious disappearances of teachers.

Giles Spinoff

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Giles Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics

In an interview with The AV Club, Joss Whedon explained the following:

“Sunnydale was, apart from being on a hellmouth, a pretty privileged place. Giles has never really dealt with the public school system as it exists for most kids. He’s never been to the city. Giles has always had the advantage of being a part of the system that educated him. He was taught to be a watcher in a family of watchers. His education was, in the grand British public school tradition, both expansive and parochial. In-depth views of tiny portions of the world.

“Of course, he walked over the awkward hormonal coals of adolescence – but now he knows more, and expects better of himself,” Whedon continued. “His once-more 15-year-old body, however, is oblivious to his wisdom/cynicism/impatience.”

As Ericka Alexander explains it, Giles will interact with a host of character types that he’s all too familiar with–bullies, over-the-top principals, janitors of the mysterious variety and much more. “But the most important character he’ll meet is himself,” Alexander teases. “A version of himself he thought, hoped, he left long ago, will be there to greet him. And that Giles gives our Giles anxiety.”

Fans should expect to see all of the above and more when Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Giles #1 releases February 28, 2018.

What else do you hope Giles tackles? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Wow Ericka Alexander from Living Single??? Didn’t know she was a writer that’s super dope!!

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