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‘Sword Art Online’ Officially Confirmed a Series 3

Years after the end of season two, it looks like Kirito and Asuna are coming back for more adventures, as it was revealed a few days ago that a season -more like series- 3 for Sword Art Online  was on the works.

At the Dengeki Bunko Fall Festival in Tokyo it was confirmed its return and that it will be adapting the Reki Kawahara’s “Alicization” arc.

Regarding the cast, it was also confirmed the return of Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Kirito while Haruka Tomatsu will return to voice Asuna. New additions include Ai Kayano to play newcomer Alice and Nobunga Shimazaki as the voice of Eugeo.


Down below it will be disclosure the “Alicization” arc, so if you want to avoid spoilers, its for the better if you skip this part.

The story stars in June 2026 when Kirito is offered a job in a company called Rath. Kirito is asked to work for the private firm to test out a new type of FullDive equipment known as the Soul Translator, but it turns out, as usual, that not everything is what it seems.

Turns out, Rath had no plans to make a new FullDive gaming console but instead, they were working on making a new AI for military purposes, as they were able to copy a child’s soul into the machine, but unable to make the AI break laws or do anything humanistic.

To resolve that, they brought in Kirito to act as a human influence on the AIs until one of them [The AIs] finally broke their virtual world’s law.

When Kirito was brought out of the machine, Rath blocked his memories of his time in Underworld, but there are plenty more who’d like to shut him up permanently about his time spent with the AI named Alice.

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No oficial date has been revealed.

Source: ComicBook.

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