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Meet Dominque: Business Owner who Quit her Job to Pursue Writing Fulltime

It’s been a while but dare I say, artist of color is back with Vol. 4!

It is always great to highlight small businesses and what better kind of business to highlight than that of a writer.  I wanted to talk about Dominique Webb and her business The Writer’s Block because I feel like she went through a similar predicament a great many of us go through.


Dominique is a book lover with a Bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and Pre-Medicine. I asked Dominique a couple of questions to get a feel of what most led her to finally pursue writing full time.

She, like many of us, graduated and did not fully have direction, she tells me that although she has been writing her whole life she didn’t realize she wanted to be a writer until after college and some failed attempts in corporate America. The last job, the one that she ended up leaving was the highest paying job that she had ever had. In turn she was very motivated in the job for a short while mostly by the money and the potential to climb the ladder.

Soon after more and more Dominique found that the financial aspect of the job wasn’t fulfilling to her, and more and more she found herself using writing as an escape. She started taking some projects on the side: Editing, resume critics, writing cover letters and soon it was clear to her that she wanted to see what she could do with her own personal talents.

“Dominique took my medical school personal statement and edited it to perfection. She gave my essay the edge and personality it needed to diversify itself from the other applicants. I would recommend her to write for anyone looking to give their business a boost.” — Current Student at Harvard Medical School

Soon enough her corporate job was due to be phased out due to internal restructuring of the company and using that as a catalyst Dominique finally decided make the jump to quit and pursue writing full time! She always made sure to have a back-up plan just in case things changed though.

I asked Ms. Webb what advise she would have for young business owners and she said to make sure you take the time to learn on your own creative clock. Don’t succumb to the social media pressures and feel behind. People will respect your product when they see the effort that was put in the project.

As for present day, Dominique completely runs all aspects of her company and is unsurprisingly off to a very hot start. She is definitely #BlackGirlMagic and hopefully her testimony is helpful to another young entrepreneur.

Also be on the lookout she is currently in the process of completing her first book to be published!

If you need something written odds are The Writer’s Block is the place for you from Content creation, academic editing, resumes, book editing, personal statements and many more. Check out the website here for more information!

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