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Sabine, Rey Star in New Season Two ‘Forces of Destiny’ Videos

The first season of the Star Wars You Tube series Forces of Destiny has been popular with fans. Now, season two has already premiered its first two videos starring Rebels’ Sabine and The Force Awakens’ Rey.

Forces of Destiny focuses on the franchise’s female heroines, telling stories of new adventures set during the movies and TV shows.

Newest Recruit follows Sabine as she and Ketsu work together against unexpected surprises during a mission.

Tracker Trouble sees Rey, Finn, Han and Chewie trying to get rid of a tracker Unkar Plutt put on the Millenium Falcon.


There’s a lot happening in the Star Wars universe right now.

The final season of Star Wars Rebels is set to premiere Monday, Oct. 16 on Disney XD.

Forces of Destiny airs its second TV special Oct. 29 on Disney Channel.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi jumps into theaters Dec. 15.

Are you ready for new episodes of Forces of Destiny?

Source: Screen Rant

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