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Geoff Johns Confirms the Solo Joker Movie

The DCEU has have some missteps and mistakes over the past few years, with Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad both receiving mixed reviews but performing well in the box office.

However, Wonder Woman broke everything at the DCEU, being the most well received film in the DC Universe and breaking box office records. But it appears that is not the only thing it changed as Geoff Johns has clarified what’s next in the DCEU.

In that same interview, Geoff Johns confirmed the plans of launching a side label of movies that are set completely outside the cinematic universe, starting with the Joker origin film.

“They’re outside the mainstream film universe and they feature different actors and worlds and takes on the characters. They’re most likely all going to be one-offs. We’ll be announcing the name of it soon-ish, but those films and the approach to those films is going to be a very different approach. The Joker is the only picture to date that is under the banner — it’s a very different take on the character, it’s a very different type of movie, and it’s unconstrained by continuity.”


So far, the Joker solo movie was more on the side of rumor than anything, but as more news started to appear like Joker’s Origin Film May Soon Have a Completed Script, the less clear everything was.

Now, it’s official, and we can hope and wait for the best.

What do you think about this news? Are you excited for these films outside the mainstream universe? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Vulture


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