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Star Trek: Discovery: ‘Battle at the Binary Stars’ Spoiler-Free Review

The second episode of this new series is available and if you have the funds, I highly recommend that you watch both episodes. They present the story arc the season will follow and serve as a base to construct the characters and its goals.

In The Vulcan Hello Spoiler-Free Review, I mentioned that one of the problems of the episode is that it didn’t dwell on the Klingons intentions or goals. This episode remedies that, as it reflects more in why T´Kuvma -the one who started it all- has this resentment for The Federation.

The episode also presents us with more Klingon characters and develops them for the episodes to come, giving us a sense that there’s much left to be seen regarding the Klingons and their intentions in this war.

One of the other aspects the episode gives more deepness is the relationship between Michael and Philippa, the First Officer and Captain of the USS Shenzhou, respectively. We get to see how they met and a more meaningful sight of the trust, love, and respect they have for one another.

We understand more of Michael and the reasons behind her actions and way of thinking, her intelligence and what makes her a great First Officer, as well as her relationship with her tutor and guardian, Sarek -Spock’s father-.

Spoiler: it appears like Michael is Sarek’s favorite child, as we have seen more of him with Michael in two episodes than in the whole Star Trek original series with Spock. End of Spoiler.

The Battle at the Binary Stars presents more action and development than the first episode, making the pace faster and more engaging to the audience.

As the first episode, The Battle… has great visual content and effects, with great quality and care of detail, making us feel as if we’re watching a movie instead of a television series.

The episode ends with a cliffhanger both heartbreaking and stressful, that only makes us want more and hope Sunday night comes as fast as it can.

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