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Comic Book Legend Stan Lee Raising Money for Hurricane Irma Victims

Stan Lee is set to help victims impacted by Hurricane Irma while he attends MegaCon Tampa Bay. Lee will work with organizers of the event to raise money for the storm victims.

Lee said, “I feel there’s something everybody has to do to help the victims of the weather, of the hurricane. And if I can do my part by auctioning some stuff off, I’m more than happy to do it.”

Lee will auction off a one-on-one meal and artwork from his personal collection during the convention, while event organizer Andrew Moyes revealed that $5 from each of the 2000 tickets sold online will be donated to Feeding Florida.

Moyes said, “We really felt that Florida was in need of that extra bit of magic. What better person to inject some inspiration and cheer than Stan Lee himself? He was on board right away to help out any way he can. That’s just the type of person he is.”

Between Stan Lee’s auction and the proceeds from the ticket sales, MegaCon Tampa Bay is estimating that $20,000 will be raised to help hurricane relief efforts.

Source: Associated Press

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