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Artist Kay Customz Creates Dolls for Children With Vitiligo

An artist is giving children with vitiligo the gift of feeling included.

Kay Black, known as Kay Customz, is a doll and earring maker known for creating amazing black dolls. Recently, she is gaining attention for one of a kind vitiligo and albino dolls.

Vitiligo is a non life-threatening skin condition that  “can deeply impact a person’s self-esteem as people with vitiligo may be subjected to harsh judgments and bullying”. Albinism on the other hand is a genetic condition that strips melanin away from ones skin.

Both skin conditions are being celebrated in Kay Black’s dolls, see below:

In an article by Cluebees, Black has mentioned that she “believes that dolls tend to influence how kids see themselves. In most cases, it also influences how they see others and how they define beauty, which is why she designed and now sells these dolls with the pigmentation illness.”

Vitiligo has recently been given a spotlight with the rise of Winnie Harlow in the modeling world as a model with vitiligo.

To see Kay Customz dolls, check out her instagram:

Source: Cluebees


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