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Wu-Tang Clan To Release New Album ‘The Saga Continues’

Known as one of the most influential groups in Hip-Hop, the Wu-Tang Clan never ceases to impress the masses. Whether it’s individually or collectively, the members of this Hip-Hop group have continued to make their stamp in the culture beyond Rap. Whether it’s Method-Man starring in films or RZA writing, producing or composing the score for a film, their influence is unwaivering.

But the clan isn’t done just yet!

Photo Courtesy of The Independent

There last album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin was released in 2015 but was never released commercially. Instead, only one copy was made to tour museums around the world and would be auctioned off to the highest bidder. But now fans can rejoice because in a few weeks the Clan will be releasing their newest album entitled Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues. 

Earlier this year, the Clan had released songs in collaboration with Chipotle and HBO’s Silicon Valley. The two singles from the upcoming album, People Say and Lesson Learn’d, have been making airwaves and gives fans an idea of what to expect from the new album.

Photo Courtesy of The Telegraph

This news comes in the wake of their feud with Martin Shkreli who purchased their on-of-kind album for $2 million. The former Pharmaceutical CEO has had run-ins with the law for hiking the price of their subscription medicine. In their new song Lesson Learn’d, they even take shots at Shkreli in a verse: 

“…My price hiking like the pills Martin Shkreli sell..

Wu-Tang has never been shy when it comes to their lyrics. In the wake of all that’s going on in society today, it’s a guanatee that their new album will not disappoint. Somebody warn Trump. 

How many of our GOC fam are Wu-Tang fans? Are you excited for this new album? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Genius

Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues will be released on October 17.

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